Stegall Charitable Educational Foundation

The Stegall Charitable Educational Foundation provides scholarships to high school students, high school graduates or existing college students entering a full-time program of college study within one year from the scholarship application deadline.

The scholarship application deadline for the Spring Semester is December 1 and the deadline for the Fall Semester is July 1.

Scholarship funds shall be used only for college tuition, fees, room and board, and books and materials. Funds granted shall be a gift to the student and are not required to be repaid, except as hereinafter set forth. Funds shall be granted on a per-semester basis. Each semester’s award will be accompanied with instructions for the grant and the re-qualification process for subsequent semester awards.

Scholarships will be given on an equal opportunity basis. The criteria for selecting such students shall be in the discretion of the Trustees, giving preferential treatment first, to those individuals that have demonstrated a willingness to serve the general public through past civic responsibilities, and secondly, to those individuals who have expressed an intention to become an attorney.

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$1,000; 1 year award